About me

 "When you write the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold your pen'' 

Hii!! Nice to meet you,dear. My name is Nurul Izzati Bt Abdullah. I was born and raised in Kedah for 13 years. And now I'm living in Selangor. 

Writing is my passion. I love something that can remind me of my past. Bloging is one of them! Izzati is basically a cheerful person, if you know me well. Especially in my writings, I love being myself. I'm not a pathetic person, always being in my dark world, sadness, and lots of curiosity. That's totally not me. There's a time when I feel sad, then I'll express my feeling, why am I feel this way. By the time I'm happy, I'll let you know that I'm so happy like.. very very happy. 

Anyway, Suria is my name in fantasy or specifically I use Suria in my writings. I love Suria which means sunshine. For me, sunshine brings happiness to people around me. So do I.  

Thank you for reading ;) 


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