Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Between two things

For years,
I live in dilemma,

Too many things hit me hardly,
Mess up my plan,
Push me to do things that I don't want to.

I don't know whom to blame,
For all things happened to me,
Isn't anyone's fault.

Magic here is.
I am the one who ruin my own life.

You know,
Sometimes, someone deserve a better life than ours.
A help from us may change their lives.
And a sacrifie from us may brighten their lives.
Even though, we need to mess up our life.

We life, for people.
We life for someone we love,
We're happy when they are too.

But Allah S.W.T is fair enough,
He granted me everything that I didn't ask to,
But I realise I need it .

And now,
For 3 years, I keep my mind mess.
Without strength, fall down and get up by myself,
Cry and let tears stop by itself ,
Hurted but no ones know.

Allah grant me, someone that I can depend on.
Without his knowing, he is actually gives me strength.
Every word he says, makes me feel calmer .
Telling him my problem is like throwing my bruden away,

At least I have someone that I can hold to.

Not much but only a bit strength for my unseen weakness .

Thank you .. So much.

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