Monday, 22 August 2016

A letter to Nurihan

My dearly friend,

Happy Sixteenth Birthday. I've waited this day for so long to celebrate it with you. And I hope what I've planned before will successfully make you happy and smile again.

There's nothing much to a friend except to see them happy with the way they are. My happiness is being at school, chatting with friends, making silly jokes, laughing and so on. And one of my happiness is you.


I always wanted to see you. YOU. Means the real you, the happy Jihan, the talkative Jihan, and easy going, the cheerful Jihan, the troublemaker Jihan, the korean Jihan and many many more.

We used to be a happy couple friend. We did lots of crazy things, we shared lots of problems.

Whatever is your problem, please be don't be sad. Everyone has their own problem too. Jihan,everybody will be tested by Allah SWT. But in other way, Allah will grant you with other thing which is 100 times better than your problem. Just be patient and trust 'this happens because Allah loves you' .

If I am your reason, I'm sorry. I am not a concern friend of you. My bad, I've done so many things that hurt you.

Birthday girl, we all want you to be happy .

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