Friday, 20 May 2016

Love affection


At first i thought that living far away from my parents at the young age is the best way to be an independent person. Take the first biggest step then i will used to it when i grow. Honestly, yeah. It's good for you and your future too.

You don't have to feel the 'homesick' feeling and you can do everything without depending on others. You can go anywhere by yourself. You get a trust from your parents to study abroad because you know  to take care of yourself.

Yeah it's good.

But on the other side, it's really really a mental problem for you. And for me.

Read this : mother is everything, more than what you have now. 

When I was debating with my friends about this topic- of course i agreed and they disagreed. And one of my friend said this " Why do we need to live this far but our mother is still alive ? Why don't you just live with her since she's still able to take care of you. "


I keep on asking me why i need to live this far ? Why i need to leave them at the young age while they still wanting to see me growing in front of them ? I don't get it. I should appriciate their presence since they're still alive. Allah..

It's hard you know surviving yourself without your mother by your side. It's really different between sister or aunty and mother.

You need to wake up early and prepare for brakfast. I usually miss out the breakfast time - 8 am. Usually around 10 am , yeah that's my breakfast time hahahah.

You need to make sure that the house is clean. CLEAN means everything either the toilet, kitchen-make sure no leftover food or else your house will filled with a good smell of rubbish. Dont forget to do a laundry too. And swipe the floor.

That's  not my interest hahahaha..
I dont have passion in cooking. Sorry mr.future husband.

Do your work. Manage your life and time cause there's no mother to remind you



"Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,tak mandi lagi ?"


"MashaAllah!!!!!! Tak bangun lagi ?!" 

The thing is jiwa kena kental beb !! That's not easy. When i was 14, i cry almost everyday because i miss my mom so much. When i was sick, i hugged her photo and do all the things that she always do for me. Everyday i see her, calling me, talking to me, smiling.. Ahh all of her doings hurts me so much at that time...

Mom, to let you know this.

Living far from you doesn't mean that i dont love you. Plus, my love for you is growing biggerrrrr and biggerrrr and i keep on missing you. And the most important is this thing has taught me how to appriciate you so i will talk to you with full of love-politely. I love you more than i love myself. Yass, more than everything and my biggest fear is losing you. I know mom, that time will come. But even for 100th years, i will never ready. At all. I don't want to see you in the condition that i couldn't talk to you anymore. I dont want to cover all of your body and face, i scared if you couldn't breathe. I dont want to read yassin alone. Because i still wanting to hear your voice. ...

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