Sunday, 27 March 2016

Nasheed - Forgive Me


I've been following The Merciful Servant on YouTube for a year. Maybe 8 months .. or 9 ? Okay never mind .. So, yesterday I was searching for a new video from The Merciful Servant 's channel and I found a beautiful and touching nasheed and I'm pretty sure it will makes you feel regret for what you've done, guilty, and after a few times you hear to this song, you will feel calm and trust me, the lyric ' try to never hurt somebody, try to never judge someone' seriously will makes you regret as we always hurt and judge everyone in our lives.

By the way, I suggest this channel to all the muslims - if you need something to guide you or gives you advice. Go and check by yourself and you'll understand what do I mean.

So, here's the lyrics.

Forgive me for everything I've done in the past,
When everything was going so fast,
And now I just can't go on.

Forgive me for everything I've done in the light,
For everything I've done in the night,
That I thought wasn't wrong.

But I know that,
You are really loving,
You are really caring,
I can't realise.

But you know that,
That I will be better,
That I will be stronger,
If you are by my side.


Forgive me for everything that's wrong in my life.
And everything wasn't right,
Going through like a fool.

Forgive me before the day comes when I die,
I open up my eyes,
That I'm trying to fight,

Cause I've walked away,
Came back for you,
Don't take me away,
I'll run to you,
And I will never let you go.
You the one that makes me smile and You know.


Try to never hurt somebody,
Try to never judge someone,
Life will end and we'll be standing,
In front of the perfect one.